Detailed information on the event


Each participant in the SKIMO10 crossing is obliged to have the federal competition card or day insurance that covers the practice of this activity.

The teams must be made up of 2 or 3 people of legal age. Throughout the course of the race the team members must go together and they can not be separated.

In case the weather forecast is very adverse and the helicopter can not fly, the organization would be obligated to cancel the test for security reasons.

In the event that on Saturday, weather conditions are very adverse, the organization can assess the option of organizing skimo6 on Sunday.

Each runner will have to sign the REGISTRATION REGISTER, in this way, accept their participation under their responsibility. The organization declines all responsibility in the event of personal or material damage suffered by its own or third parties arising from the celebration of the SKIMO10.

In the event that a team leaves the race, it must notify the organization.
In case of abandonment of a component in a team of 2, the other must abandon, since at least 2 must arrive upon arrival so that the team is counted.
In case of abandonment of a component in a team of 3, this must leave COMPULSORY at a control point of the organization in this way the team can continue and will be counted upon arrival.

For everything not provided for in this regulation the organization can enforce the regulation of the FAM.



Clean CO2

Andorra SKIMO 2018 calculates and offset its carbon footprint

Andorra SKIMO 2018 one event organized by VSL Sports, which is committed to the fight against climate change. The organization has offset the emissions that have been generated during the event.
L’organització ha tancat un acord de col·laboració amb el projecte d’energia hidràulica anomenat Darica, ubicat a Turquia. Un projecte certificat per Verified Carbon Standard que ha banda de reduir emissions de Gasos amb Efecte d’Hivernacle, redueix la contaminació de les aigües, dinamitza l’economia local, augmenta els llocs de treball i ajuda al desenvolupament social i econòmic de la zona.

Finalment l’organització, ha obtingut el certificat Clean CO2 que acredita la seva neutralitat.